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seems to me that it would be an ideal situation for a few guys and gals
living reasonably close together to all chip in and buy 1 for the group, to
be shared.
Wish there were more audifans in my neck of the woods.  As it is, Tihol and
I have pretty much agreed to go 50/50 on all major tools.


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> Okay,
> I guess I should clarify a bit.
> I own the GTech Pro Competition.  I bought it for use at work, as we can
> get an
> acurate measurement of how much horsepower our exhaust systems are
> producing.
> I've had it for about 4 days now, and have tried it in quite a few
> vehicles.
> I haven't yet tested it against a true dyno, but this is what I've
> discovered
> so far:
> 1) it's darn accurate! Using our resident customer support guy's Honda
> Civic we
> were able to determine that the 1/4 mile time was accurate (give or take a
> few
> hundreths of a second).
> 1b) Took the brand new (less then 5,000km) Audi A4 Avant out earlier
> today,
> where we pulled 158.6hp at the wheels.  Given that the car has 170hp stock
> from
> the factory, and the driveline should account for about 10% loss...we're
> pretty
> much on the money.  Technically we're 2.something% out...but the GTech Pro
> Comp
> is supposed to be accurate within a 3% window.
> 2) As a consumer product, this has very limited use.  I mean, even with my
> own
> Audi...it was fun for two runs...but hey, now I know what it does.
> Whoopie.
> Perhaps for someone like Javad, or Jim Green who are doing serious turbo
> work
> with their cars...yeah, then I could see it being interesting.  And, when
> you
> figure the time/$$ you turbo transplant guys are spending, the cost of a
> GTech
> Pro to measure your gains could be quite valuble.
> Now, the things I wonder:
> 1) For anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to use one, the GTech Pro
> Competition (herein known as the GTech) displays a number of information
> following a 'run' (a run being a 1/4 mile drag):
> 1/4 mile time & trap speed
> 1/8 mile time
> 60' time
> 330' time
> 1000' time
> and 0-60mph time.
> The GTech will also show you two graphs: RPM vs. Time graph and a HP vs
> Time
> graph.
> The first graph can be used to analyze your shifting performance, the
> second
> shows HP/Torque and RPM.
> When you download the data into your computer, however, you get the all
> the
> numerical information from the GTech including:
> Elapsed Seconds, MPH, Distance in feet, Gear, RPM, Accel X, AccelY,
> AccelZ,
> Accel FWD.
> The difficulty _I'm_ having is figuring out how to turn that information
> in to
> graphs I can use...
> I think, however, I may have just answered my own question.  As I recall
> Horsepower = Speed x Acceleration x weight.  I'll have to do some
> surfing...
> -Dave
> ---------------------------------------------------
> 89 90q  300km+ Rally Conversion...
> Roll cage shots available at:
> http://home.the-wire.com/~spokes/rollcage/page1.htm
> > actually, I was kinda wondering about it as well... It seems like the
> > sort of thing that would be interesting for a few minutes and right
> > after mods, but unless I actually start getting serious about this car,
> > then I don't know if I want to plop down the price of a Valentine 1 on
> > a novelty... so feel free to copy me (or the list, I guess) in your
> > replies...
> >
> > -Ben Kaupp

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