91 200q cold starting problems

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Thu Dec 12 17:37:26 EST 2002

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 I just finished fixing an identical problem on my 87 4kq. it turned out to=
 be a bad thermo switch connector. but if the thermo switch was bad it woul=
d do the same thing.  Now Here's what I think is happening (not necessarily=
 the right answer but it may be)  when you turn the key to the start positi=
on, the thermo switch, (which on a 4000q is located on the back side of the=
 head under the battery box).  turns on the cold start valve for a certain =
period of time depending on outside termperature.  I have a haynes manual f=
or the 4000q that shows a chart with temperature on one axis and the amount=
 of time the injector is running on the other.  Now if none of this is work=
ing, the symptoms would include: cranking of your engine over and over unti=
l there is enough fuel to get it running (albeit rough) then as the engine =
turns (soap opera?) more and more fuel is introduced because the computer (=
now able to make decisions) saves the day by feeding the extra neccessary f=
uel to the engine.  That whole sequential cylinder theory sounds like compl=
ete crap to me.  just doesn't work like that.    So back to the point, just=
 sand the pins to the thermo switch with some "factory audi sand paper"  (1=
00 grit works good)  hee hee  and then if that doesn't work, try replacing =
the thermo switch.  then if that doesn't work it might be the cold start va=
lve itself, or it might be whatever's at the other end of the wires going t=
o the thermo switch.  Good Luck and remember, audi's and personals have one=
 thing in common,    bad connectionsToby PotvinOne sweet starting 87 4kqOne=
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