FW: G-TechPro Competition...

Dave Hord spokes at the-wire.com
Thu Dec 12 17:37:44 EST 2002

> seems to me that it would be an ideal situation for a few guys and gals
> living reasonably close together to all chip in and buy 1 for the group, to
> be shared.
> Wish there were more audifans in my neck of the woods.  As it is, Tihol and
> I have pretty much agreed to go 50/50 on all major tools.
> Stephane

Oh, agreed!  And for any Toronto-area Listers, if I have the time I have NO
problem setting up some runs with you.  Being office owned, however, it's not
something I can lend out. The bonus being that it comes with a (hopefully soon)
trained tech guy!! :-)


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