96 A6 wagon purchase

S J & I Santoliquido santoliquido at cox.net
Thu Dec 12 19:38:44 EST 2002

'96 with only 35k?! Where was that when I bought mine two months ago? I was
tickled pink to find a 96 A6 Wagon with less than 75K. By all means buy it.
Other things to check, hmmmm.
maybe look and see if he added any coolant of the green variety (it will
turn the pentosin brown), no biggy, just flush and correct (probably should
be flushed by now anyway). yes, brakes and fluid. I am not thrilled with the
braking power of mine, and will likely upgrade the pads and rotors soon. Do
the keyless entry fobs work? It's a simple matter to recode them, but my PO
threw them out when they stopped working. That cost me $100 each. The
battery! the battery, being under the back seat, is often neglected. I'm
quite sure my PO didn't know where it was. It will probably still be
original, but have only about 1/2 to 3/4 it's water level. Add DI water, or
replace the battery (it's due anyway). Spark plugs, thermostat, Dist cap,
etc.... all due if not done.
Good luck;
Steve Santoliquido
'87 CGT
'96 A6QW 79,000m ;-)

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