4k taking on water

Dave C conner at cfm.Ohio-State.edu
Thu Dec 12 22:56:37 EST 2002

Someone wrote...
>The 4kq has water leaking into it just below the driver's side pillar at the

I'll second the suggestion by Doyt, that it's leaking at the windshield
seal.  One way to prove this is stuff a dry paper towel or rag inthe corner
area inside the windshield ... do it when it's raining. drizzling, or
especially when there's a load of ice/snow slowly melting on the car.  Next
morning if the rag is wet you know this is the source.  The sealant I used
on my departed 4kq is probably same as Doyt suggested ... It came in a tube
like regular silicone sealant, but was labelled for windshield seal, I
think it also mentioned "flowable silicone" on the label.  Before using it
I did my best to clean the area between glass and rubber with an in there
which might interfere with the silicone sealant.  You might want to check
the other corner with the rag for leaks.  It might have a slow leak for a
long time before you'd notice it.
Dave C.

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