90 turbo?

Michael Gough mdg3369 at newtsplace.com
Thu Dec 12 23:25:24 EST 2002

> L= Percentage of money that you ignore or justify via some convoluted way of
> systematic thinking (yes, you do it)
Woah woah, what are you talkin' about? There's no strange thinking needed to
justify any of your (or my) stuff. You needed new injectors, and a fuel
filter, so you put EFI on....Your exhaust manifold was cracked so you built
your own (for less than a new Audi piece I bet) Your shocks were worn out,
so you installed coilovers, you needed new brake pads so you put on some big
honkin' ones.......You don't need to justify anything, You've just got a
whole bunch of replacement parts on that car...

> WRT the V6 turbo, this is one I've thought out quite a bit, I think a twin
> turbo 12v V6 would be a very powerful motor, 400hp would be easy with mild
> boost levels.  Compression would have to be lowered, and full EFI with
> programmable ignition would be required.  Its a major conversion, but not too
> bad in a B4 90 with the motor already installed, would be a lot more work to
> put that motor in a B3, but would be possible.  The main attraction is the
> availability of spare motors and parts for the 12v V6's, plus the low end
> power and response would be very good.  A guy Rob K on the Audiworld Forums
> has a single turbo V6, I don't think he has a site tho'.

There is a 12v 90 at the pick and pull right now, and boy I'm really
tempted! I bet I could mix and match a whole bunch of VAG parts and end up
with a cheap low compression bottom end...OTOH, maybe I ought to finish some
other projects first.....
'88 QSW Turbo/EFI

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