Stupid wipers...

Dave Hord spokes at
Fri Dec 13 13:20:42 EST 2002

Okay, HOW the heck do I diagnose my intermittent wipers?

Patient: 89 90q

If I move the stalk to the first position, I get wipe-wipe-wipe.  NO
intermittent feature.  Move it to the second position, no change in speed. Move
it to three and I get high-speed wiping.

Shut it off from any position, and the wipers stay _exactly_ where they are.
They don't return to 'home base'.  If I lightly push up (for a single wipe) and
release, they stop exactly where they are.

Occasionally I'll get intermittent wiping for a few seconds...then back to my
new 'normal' operation.

I just replaced the relay...and still I get the same action.  Doesn't the relay
control this??



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