help! type44 squirrly on the road with front snow tires

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Fri Dec 13 13:28:42 EST 2002

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> designs winter tires have _far_ more traction then they did ten years ago.
> This is likely to cause a very unbalanced traction situation, much more so
> days
> of yore where we used to mix snows up front and all-seasons out the back.
> The
> difference in traction can lead to the rear end stepping out by quite a
> bit,
> and causing an accident.
> Thus, any reputable tire shop will strongly suggest you put four winter
> tires
> on a car.  Quite a few shops have stopped selling snow tires is 'twos'
> altogether.
> Note that I've been using 'winter' tire, not snow tire. Now a-days there
> are
> snow tires, and ice tires. Ice tires should NEVER be used in two's, only in
> fours.  Snow tires depend on the brand, some are okay in twos...others
> cause
> really nasty handling in deep snow/slush.

"winter tires" "snow tires" "ice tires"   geez!  i should have left the damn
all seasons on there.    so what are you saying, it will handle WORSE with
the snow/ice tires on there?   even if i do get matching snow/ice tires for
the rears?   so basically its pointless to even run snow tires then...?


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