Make the dinging start again

Ti Kan ti at
Fri Dec 13 12:52:13 EST 2002

Ti Kan writes:
> Cade Carvell writes:
> >   I have replaced my radio in my car, and it no longer dings when it is
> > left on, and the car is off.  It still dings when the Headlights are
> > still on.  How do I make it ding again when the Radio is on.
> There is a white wire in the 4Kq radio wiring that goes to the
> warning chime relay pin 9.
> If your radio is the type where the power antenna lead is always up
> when it's on (as opposed to those that only raises the antenna when
> in FM/AM mode), then you can tie the power antenna trigger lead on the
> radio to that white wire, and it will accomplish what you want.  In fact
> the original Audi Rothenburg radio is wired this way.  If your radio
> only raises the antenna when in FM/AM mode, then it won't trigger the
> chime when you're playing CD or tape.

I neglect to mention that if your radio has a remote power amplifier
turn-on lead, you can use that instead of the power antenna trigger.

The note about using diodes still applies if you want to sound the chime
relay from multiple sources.

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