CGT: replacing analog with digital gauges?

Barton Oleksy barto at
Fri Dec 13 14:43:32 EST 2002

Hi - thanks for all tips/advice on my other two recent messages, esp.
the hard cold-starting 200Q.

I picked up a digital gauge panel to replace my analog ones in my '86
Coupe GT since the voltmeter gauge fell through into the console!
(broken glass no longer holding it on or something)

Can I actually replace the whole 3-gauge panel with the digital one?
The connector is different apparently - any how-to's on this job?  If it
works, I'd also consider doing the same swap for the speedo/etc. panel
if that's also something that would work.  FINDING the digital dash
might be an expensive proposition, but it's fun to contemplate.  Thanks!

'86 CGT
'91 200TQ

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