Header Sealing Washer Suggestions?

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But that's what I tried to use. I just checked yhe family book and they all

The washer got deformed with the correct torque, and if these washers act as a
sealers, they sure won't work.

I imagined that these washer are sealers since they have the nut side in
rubber (similar to a seal) and the round coil that you find in seals (like cam
seal, wheel bearings, etc.).

I might be seing a monster, but I could see a gap in some parts of the header
stud hole with these all installed (nut, washer, stud, header).

I had a header in a old Ford 4 cyl engine(ages ago) that the washers were
normal washers.

Thanks for bearing with me,


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>Subject: Re: Header Sealing Washer Suggestions?
>Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 14:18:01 -0500
> >I might not be clear, so I apologize.
> >The gasket is fine, I'm using a stock one, the visible problem is with the
washers between the locking nuts and the header itself. The stock ones have a
rubber seal at the nut end with that little round coil. After I installed the
first part (the header is a 5-3-1) it didn't look good.
> >
>I don't understand, still confused, rubber sealing washers on a header? I
guess I'm still confused, you should use the stock thick washers that come on
the pre-'88 cars, washer thickness is about 1/8", 8mm ID, then use the stock
turbo lock nuts, all metal, to ensure it doesn't every get loose, especially
considering its a tube header.
> >And, yes it is a rare example of a 10V NA header, that I stealed for $160
at Ebay 2 years ago!!!
>Ahh yes, I remember that now, good buy.

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