GL4 vs. GL5

james accordino ssgacc at
Fri Dec 13 14:10:59 EST 2002

It might have been Redline, not ATF.  One of their
recommended oils for the tranny (temp. zone
withstanding) LOOKS like ATF.  I understand from
posters that this stuff works very well in colder

Jim Accordino

--- Louis-Alain Richard
<larichard at> wrote:
> Rob,
> If you can find some, Castrol Hypoy IS really
> mineral GL4 oil.  However, my parts store carry only
> Castrol Hypoy C, which is GL5.  And like you, I did
> it last summer with the wrong one so I want to
> switch back to GL4.
> Interestingly, the oil I drained form the car was
> Dexron ATF (thin, red slippery stuff) like you find
> in any manual trans GM car!  Somebody probably
> wanted to ease the gear change and they were right;
> the trans was really easy but longevity was my
> primary concern.
> Try this link:
> Louis-Alain
> 83 urQ
> Subject: GL4 vs. GL5
> From: qshipaz at
> Greetings Audinauts,
> Hmmm. I heard that GL5 should not be used, but could
> never remember why. Guess the GL5 I topped the TQ
> box off with last week is gonna come out! Question,
> though: I believe in Redline's quality, but I am
> superstitious about using synthetic in a car which
> has likely always used "bean oil"- maybe just for
> the potential of new leaks developing. But
> otherwise- where can you get non-synth GL4?? I used
> to use Castrol in my departed 5kt, but I can't
> locate the stuff anywhere....
> Regards,
> Rob

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