Header Sealing Washer Suggestions?

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Fri Dec 13 17:15:30 EST 2002

>But that's what I tried to use. I just checked yhe family book and they all match.++

>The washer got deformed with the correct torque, and if these washers act as a sealers, they sure won't work.

Even more confused...

Are we talking about the washers on the exh. manifold studs located in the head?  No way a 1/8" thick washer is going to deform under 30ft/lbs of torque or so.  What seals the exh. ports are the exh. manifold gaskets, the washers do not seal, there is no need to seal the stud in the head, its not in contact with any exh. gas.

>I imagined that these washer are sealers since they have the nut side in rubber (similar to a >seal) and the round coil that you find in seals (like cam seal, wheel bearings, etc.).

No idea what you could be referring to here...my understanding is that any rubber in contact wtih a hot exh. header will vaporize within minutes...

>I might be seing a monster, but I could see a gap in some parts of the header stud hole with these all installed (nut, washer, stud, header).

ya, not sure here...

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