UPDATE Re: re. is this bad gas?

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Fri Dec 13 19:49:45 EST 2002

On Friday, December 13, 2002 1:08 PM, Huw Powell [SMTP:human747 at attbi.com]
> [>   I'll run through the rest of the checks tonight/tomorrow; leading
> > contender is a failed pressure regulator at this point, according to
> >   Anyone have any thoughts on that?
> Yeah, it sounds like an epidemic!
> --
> Huw Powell]
I've never had this go bad and I've had many of these motors - some that
were really crudded up with stuff in the fuel systems.  That is why I
wasn't as familiar with it when Tyson had the problem a week or so ago.  I
hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Things I've had to check, clean or replace routinely are:
FI temp sender - replace (check the one you pull out for the fun of it to
see haw far out of spec it is).
Differential Pressure Regulator - remove and clean and replace o-rings.
Fuel Injector O-rings and replace injectors if poor pattern.
Air and Fuel filters.
Vacuum lines.


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