help! type44 squirrly on the road with front snow tires

Ben Swann bswann at
Fri Dec 13 20:17:15 EST 2002

Jordan, qfans,

I meant this in a different context.  I retract what I said earlier,
because I meant using snow in front and others in rear would not hurt the
car, and would probably handle ok if the rear tires were new.  I certainly
agree, don't mix.  It forced me to recall a bad accident I had some years
ago, when I had new Yoks on the front and worn Dunlops in rear -  totally
lost control and am thankful all I lost was the car.

It sounds more like the car needs new All Season radials with a winter
rating, rather than dedicated snows.  I just put some Khumo's on my wifes
4kq which were unbelievably inexpensive.  The car handles great in snow,
ice, rain, and dry.  Not necessarily the best for any of those conditions,
but pretty good all around. Apparently these tires wear fast, so I'll throw
them away before next winter, get new ones mounted, and have tread good
enough all year round.

I think all 4 cost me under $160.


> OK, if not a quattro.  Definately not good to mix tires, and especially
> sizes if it is a quattro.
> It sound like in this case, the combination is ok, especially if it
> feels allright, but maybe your mom is picking up something you aren't
> based on "her" driving style.
> I'd expect the snows to be making it handle squirrely, as they tend to
> do that, IMO.
> Ben

thanks..  but ive been getting conflicting answers on this..  its a front
wheel drive automatic '86 5k NA.   some other lister said i needed all 4
snows.   but why? the rear wheels are not traction wheels...?

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