Snows, tires..

Ben Swann bswann at
Fri Dec 13 20:22:03 EST 2002

FWIW, I also had some dedicated snows - I think they are Dunlops, but
couldn't rally care.  Had them mounted on steel wheels and put on "black
beater" 4kq.  They are fairly noisy, but I have been haveing a good time
thrashing the car around, and really had a blast in the snow last week.  I
have no high speed traction problems even up to 80MPH.


["winter tires" "snow tires" "ice tires"   geez!  i should have left the
all seasons on there.    so what are you saying, it will handle WORSE with
the snow/ice tires on there?   even if i do get matching snow/ice tires for
the rears?   so basically its pointless to even run snow tires then...?


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