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I don't think it has to work that way.  If you have insurance like mine
Geico when I asked how much they 'd pay if totaled on my '87 5000 tq avant
even if I could prove over $10K of parts and upgrades, they could only give
me around $300.  So I dropped full coverage, and now drive a beater which
will more likely be crashed and save the wagon for special occasions.  I
was also told I could get "Classic car" insurance, where they would
appraise the car more realistically and take into account modifications,
etc.  That is where I played "agent" and said "not worth it".

If I was slammed into by another person, I would force therm to pay and
show what the car cost to replace.  I would make them responsible for
replaceing with a car of equal or greater value where everything works.  Of
course they would have a cutoff on how much they pay at around book value,
but at least I should be able to get an equal or even better car out of it.

I hope I don't have to make this happen anytime, but have in the past.  I
did have to be a sqeaky wheel however - if you don't  challange them, they
won't mind.


[Here's an unpleasant heads-up for those of us who drive older cars . . .


Insurance called today - ACV (actual cash value) of this vehicle, new
engine taken into account, is all of $640, plus tax. $100 deductable gives
a net check of $540. (She doesn't know yet - oh man is she EVER going to be
mad . . . )

"It's twelve years old and has almost 200,000 miles on it!"

I asked how much *I* could buy it back for - answer $32.58.

That should give us some idea of how much we might be looking at if someone
crashes into our beloved Audis "1986 Audi 5000, ACV is $250, less
deductable, we're paying you $150 for your car (or what's left of it).
Turbo? Qwattrow? Whatzat?"

Crashing sucks.

Big time.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman]

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