quattro digest, Vol 1 #4329 - Stainless steel brake line article

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SS brake lines should be replaced every other year.

You're right- the crimped fitting needed for DOT approval
is not as good as an Aeroquip fitting.

My next set will probably have Aeroquip fittings and use
the sheathed Earl's line. Less chance of anything getting
into the SS braid.


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DOT lines require "crimped" fittings on the ends rather than the
actually better (can't recall the exact name or description) that
competition lines have. Basically was a standard established to ensure
that rubber brake lines had safe fittings, however, no loophole exists
for the stainless ones. So, street cars are required to meet the DOT
standard (not like I'd expect to many inspectors to check the ends of
your brake lines). Just remember, b/c you can't see any swelling in the
soft part of your braided stainless brake lines (indicative of impending
failure on either type of line), you should replace your SS brake lines
on a regular basis (2-4 yrs, anyone?) rather than relying on visual

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