Broomsticks and TT

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Due to the safety equipment issue, when time and funds allow,
I'm dumping the Audi for track use and going to get something
like a turbo Miata or a 944/951 with racing shell, rollcage and
6-point harnesses.

I'm just not as comfortable pushing my street car hard on the
track, where the penalty for screwing up is much, much greater
than at an autox. Also, I'm not hacking up the Audi to put a
full cage and racing shells inside.


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I agree with Taka.  Anyone who's on the track doing
more than "parade" laps without a helmet isn't quite
thinking straight.

In fact, when my current open faced SA95 helmet goes
out, I'm going to step up to a full coverage helmet.
I initially didn't because I didn't like the way the
full coverage helmets constricted my peripheral

But stuff flies in windows all the time and taking a
"marble" chunk of R rubber smack on the chin isn't
something that I'd like to experience...


While I agree that there are a lot of colleagues in my
field that make torts a mess and to the detriment of
field as a whole, but track days where helmets are
and not requiring certain levels of safety is plain


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