Insurance heads up

Ice Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at
Fri Dec 13 21:32:47 EST 2002

>Insurance companies write thier own laws and its very hard to argue with
>them.. what really pisses me off is that we all pay thier ripoff rates every
>year, and they go up every year (despite no claims), then when something
>like 911 happens they cry that they cant afford to cough up and that the
>risk of terrorism is too high for them to cover. So the US Govt caves in and
>gives the thieving bastards a bunch more of our hard earned money - they get
>it both ways and we lose out.
>sorry for the rant but.....I HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES! (in case you couldnt

Sorry to hear about all of that.   Yes I too hate insurance
companies.   For medical reasons.  I have had several injuries and
they would forestall surgery for YEARS before paying !!!

Hope things are going better and hang in there !

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