I win! (was: Bad gas?)

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Fri Dec 13 21:56:37 EST 2002

Great you found it.

A1. I have had some success going the one step further than I've been
telling folks, which is to take it apart completely and clean.  I don't
know how this might improve the resistance value, but there is penty of
room for varnished gas to gum up.  You need to get those little brass screw
out with very strong matching screwdriver and a lot of oomph.  There is a
diaphragm - thin metal which can be cleaned with very fine - say 1000 grit
paper.  If you can wait and find one, it may not be worth the trouble, but
I have fixed them when in a pinch.

A2. I probably have at least one extra used one if you need.  I'll check.


p.s. its always nice to have one or more of the same cars around to swap
parts when trying to narrow down a problem.  Parts cars are good if you
have the room.

[  recap:  86 4kq, stalls after starting.  Differential pressure regulator
current good, system pressure and fuel delivery rate good.

   The next test according to bently was to check the fuel return line
volume out of the lower chamber of the fuel distributor, and that looked to
be a reallll hassle- corroded hardline in close quarters, ugh.  So I copped
out on that and checked the differential pressure regulator resistance
instead- out of spec at about 28.5 ohms.  Hmmmm...

   Lifted the hood on my 87 4kq, took the regulator out and swapped them.
Now the 86 runs perfect, just like it did :)

   Q1:  Can the bad DPR be 'fixed'?

   Q2:  Anyone have a 4kq DPR they'd like to sell?  Ideally, I need at
one mounting screw as well...

   Two audi's are better than one,

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