Positive fuel tank pressure??

Tigran Varosyan tigran at tigran.com
Fri Dec 13 19:16:08 EST 2002

Man, what is going on with my car?! 40k miles after I bought it, NOT A
SINGLE PROBLEM, now its one thing after another.....

Latest thing is that my gas tank is developing some pretty high pressure
inside. I dont know what or why it is happening but when I remove the gas
cap there is a lot of air that is coming out. I checked to see if maybe it
was air going in, but it certainly feels like its coming out. This has never
happened before, I mean maybe a tiny puff or something, but this is a lot of
pressure.... I am thinking maybe to drill a tiny hole in the gas cap or
something... Anyone have any idea what the heck is going on?

85 4ksq

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