replacing analog with digital gauges?

Wayne Reser wreser at
Sat Dec 14 00:09:40 EST 2002

Whether to replace an analog dash with a digital one is an interesting
question.  But considering older Audi's notoriously finicky electronic
components, why would you want to?

My CGT's digital dash back-lighting winks on and off like holiday lighting.
Currently, I have no speedo and odometer.  Last week, I had no clock.  It is
readable, but only when light hits it at just the right angle.  Out of
necessity, I have gotten quite good at determining my speed by watching the
tach.  ;-)

87.5 CGT Tornado Red

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Subject: CGT: replacing analog with digital gauges?

> Hi - thanks for all tips/advice on my other two recent messages, esp.
> the hard cold-starting 200Q.
> I picked up a digital gauge panel to replace my analog ones in my '86
> Coupe GT since the voltmeter gauge fell through into the console!
> (broken glass no longer holding it on or something)
> Can I actually replace the whole 3-gauge panel with the digital one?
> The connector is different apparently - any how-to's on this job?  If it
> works, I'd also consider doing the same swap for the speedo/etc. panel
> if that's also something that would work.  FINDING the digital dash
> might be an expensive proposition, but it's fun to contemplate.  Thanks!
> Bart
> '86 CGT
> '91 200TQ

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