'87.5 CGT breather tube

Wayne Reser wreser at siscom.net
Sat Dec 14 00:26:38 EST 2002

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Hey Listers,

I replaced the crankcase breather tube on my CGT over the weekend.  Last on=
e looked a bit like a squished jelly roll.  Actually, it looked like someth=
ing else that was much less appealing.  Anyway, I was surprised at the amou=
nt of guck that had built-up inside.  It looked like the car had been on a =
high cholesterol diet!  I figured there's more where that came from, so I d=
id my best to clean the engine opening the best I could and finished the in=
stallation with the intention to ask the following questions.

Can anyone tell me if that kind of goop is normal, or if there is a way to =
flush it out?

How about a high fiber diet?


'87.5 CGT Tornado Red

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