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George Butler gwbutler at
Sat Dec 14 10:12:20 EST 2002

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Hello all,

I recently purchased a new "International" branded Try-Hard, er...Die-Hard,=
 battery at the local Sears automotive outlet.  Once the battery was instal=
led I started experiencing intermittent starter engagements.  When I did ha=
ve the car started, I broke out the Simpson VOM and measured a solid 14.2V =
out of the alternator... but not at the battery...aha!  I disconnected and =
thoroughly cleaned all of the contacts to the alternator, starter and batte=
ry.  After cleaning the contacts, the car starts every time...and so do all=
 of the idiot lights on my instrument cluster .  I knew better than to cont=
inue running the car and took the alternator to a nearby auto-electric shop=
 to have it tested... voltage out was non-existent.  Is it remotely possibl=
e that  I smoked the diode plate (or simply a single diode) by installing a=
 new battery or cleaning all of the contacts?  I though that I was very met=
iculous in re-connecting everything and in inspecting closely for any metal=
 filings or insulation nicks in the battery/starter/alternator wiring.  I p=
riced-out another  (rebuilt) alternator and I don't want to smoke it as wel=
l=2E  Any BTDT's or recommendations?  TIA


George B.
84 4ksq

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