WARNING - "happy humor Christmas" or "Happy christmas" virus going around

JordanVw at aol.com JordanVw at aol.com
Sat Dec 14 10:16:56 EST 2002

[ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]

just a warning out there -  if you recieve a email w/ attachment file with
the subject "happy humour christmas" or "Happy christmas" delete it
immediately, its a virus.   apparently a Bot is cruising the vw/audi lists
(and other newsgroups and BBS's) and sending out viruses from other peoples
email accounts (the bot uses your email address to send the virus so it seems
like you sent it)
anyway people make sure your anti-virus systems are up and working and delete
any emails w/ attachments from people you dont know, and be wary of opening
an attachment from people you may know, like i said before, as the the bot is
stealing email addys to send the virus.

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