system volts too high?

scott thomas scott at
Sat Dec 14 14:10:56 EST 2002

i once got an alternator from a junkyard that was in really good
shape; freshly rebuilt with the same asian regulator. Put out over 22
volts at one time.

The other box type regulators I have are from Europe. They put out a
decent output at over 14, consistantly. The only problem is they
won't fit unless the rear bearing housing has the flat side on it. I
guess from early 70's castings, the alternators used this type from
the factory.
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I had to replace the Autozone "lifetime" alternator
again (3rd time) because of a faulty high cutoff
voltage reg.  These are plain smooth black with NO
markings.  From Asia somewhere.  It would rountinely
peg my alt. gauge with readings as high a 20 volts on
the meter.  Turning ALL the accessories on high would
solve this short term.

Jim Accordino

--- scott thomas <scott at> wrote:
> Yesterday, I replaced my 200's tired alternator with
> a known freshly
> rebuilt unit from a junkyard. The standard Bosch
> regulator puts out
> ~13.8 volts wheras the rebuilt unit on the car
> (200q) had a no name
> regulator and consistantly put out 14.5 volts, as
> confirmed by a
> separate voltmeter. Anyway, I decided to replace the
> brush assembly
> on the newer unit with a Uni Point type. It's the
> black rectangular
> type that was used on earlier cars. My bearing
> housing has the flat
> in it, so fitment was no problem. I had a used one
> from my old car
> that put out only 13.6v. I had a new one in the
> package. I put it on
> and now voltage is going up to 14.9 at speed. Idle
> is about 14.7.
> Sometimes I do see 15v. I keep the headlights on to
> control the
> output. How high is too high?
> Next q- does the 110 amp 200 alternator have the 28
> or 32 mm slip
> rings? Where can I get higher output regulators
> (14.4 volt models),
> provided this new one is shot?
> Should I just stick with the 14 volt Bosch that was
> on it? I'm used
> to having the car with the higher output voltage
> regulator, so I
> don't know if the 13.6 volts is what I should be
> getting.
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