followup: fuel pump check valve

Huw Powell human747 at
Sat Dec 14 14:13:14 EST 2002

> I posted  earlier in the week about just replacing the fuel pump check valve
> on my 82 Coupe.  I got mixed replies back.  Anyway looking at a brand new
> fuel pump I don't see where the fuel pump check valve even is?

Well, it will be screwed into the pump at the outlet end, about an inch
long, brass, threads into pump and has female threads on its other end
(or did I get that backwards?)  Looks just like a short fitting, but has
internal stuff, as Ti said.

here is the similar but not identical setup on the 90Q:

You can see the check valve between the red and blue power terminals if
you look closely.  Sorry, I didn't photograph the coupe setup when I had
it out to rebuild.

Huw Powell

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