I win! (was: Bad gas?)

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sat Dec 14 14:14:49 EST 2002

>    I don't have the part in front of me at the moment, Ben, but where are
> the assembly screws located?  From my cursory examination last night I only
> saw one, about 8-10mm across, on the mounted side.  I pulled it out and it
> was obvious that it _wasn't_ an assembly screw.
>   Should brake cleaner shot into one port come out the other?  Mine was
> plugged, but I don't know if that's the normal unpowered state or not.

As I recall, vaguely, yes, it should.   Sorry I can't help you with the
disassembly method.  But I'm sure we'll hear from Ben soon enough.
Curious myself...

Huw Powell



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