Positive fuel tank pressure??

James Bell doublem at srv.net
Sat Dec 14 13:19:04 EST 2002


One or two PSI is required for The Vapor control
system to work. Sounds like your vapor canister
and vacuum piping is not hooked up correctly.
Or something it is dirty or plugged up with petroleum
detritus. The unused fuel is recirculated back to the
tank by the CIS-E system your car has. There are also
vent lines and a gravity valve, in and about the tank, that
could be deranged. Get a Bentley manual and start digging.

J.B. in ID.

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> Yea, however, exactly the opposite is happening... Instead of the tank
> developing vacuum due to lower gasoline level, the tank is some how
> developing some serious pressure.... I am not even sure how...
> What gives?
> Ideas?
> Tyson
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> Isn't there supposed to be a one-way vent in the cap to allow air in to
> equalize pressure as you empty the tank through engine operation?   Maybe
> you need a new cap???  You don't want fuel fumes escaping the system.
> At 07:16 PM 12/13/2002 -0800, Tigran Varosyan wrote:
> >Man, what is going on with my car?! 40k miles after I bought it, NOT A
> >SINGLE PROBLEM, now its one thing after another.....
> >
> >Latest thing is that my gas tank is developing some pretty high pressure
> >inside. I dont know what or why it is happening but when I remove the gas
> >cap there is a lot of air that is coming out. I checked to see if maybe
> >was air going in, but it certainly feels like its coming out. This has
> never
> >happened before, I mean maybe a tiny puff or something, but this is a lot
> of
> >pressure.... I am thinking maybe to drill a tiny hole in the gas cap or
> >something... Anyone have any idea what the heck is going on?
> >
> >Tyson
> >85 4ksq

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