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Ice Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 14 21:39:11 EST 2002

There have been so many responses that I will just say this ~

I belong to many lists.   This is the only list where I always get a
response from the individual and also a copy of what was sent to the
list in my Audi folder.

I end up deleting every other message much of the time and also when
I want to reply to the LIST, which is almost always, I always have to
change the reply "address to" to the list's address manually.

That is determined by how the list is set up.

I am on a Macintosh list where for a very brief time the
moderator/owner of the list changed it to the way it is here on this
list for a short while, and there was a huge outcry throughout the
land, so I know that the list owner adjusts or can adjust those

I am all for a democracy, and if most people want to send messages
back to the individual rather than the list and they can do it that
way great.

I just happen to like it when I hit reply it goes to the list for the
majority of the time.   It is rare that I would write something that
I don't want on the list.

Just personal preference and my 2 cents.    :-)

'89 Audi 200 Turbo (No Q) Automatic
'88 Audi 5000 S Auto
'87 Audi 5000 S Auto

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