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Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Dec 14 23:18:07 EST 2002

At 9:39 PM -0500 12/14/02, Ice Cat      ^. .^   ~ wrote:
>There have been so many responses that I will just say this ~
>I belong to many lists.   This is the only list where I always get a
>response from the individual and also a copy of what was sent to the
>list in my Audi folder.

Filter by the "List-Id:" header(use a rule such as 'contains
"quattro"', that's what I use for the main list); that guarantees
that only emails from the listserver will go into a folder.  If
someone replies to both you and the list, of the two messages, the
message directly from the sender will not be filtered, the one from
the listserver will be.

The "List-Id:" header will work on any mailing list using Mailman
software; it may work on others as well.

>and also when
>I want to reply to the LIST, which is almost always, I always have to
>change the reply "address to" to the list's address manually.

The list is very specifically set up so that one must INTENTIONALLY
cc the mailing list(or their email client must do so for them.)  See

>I just happen to like it when I hit reply it goes to the list for the
>majority of the time.

Hold down "option" while selecting 'reply', or use option-apple-r.
Or go into Eudora's preferences and change the default behavior for
the 'reply' command.  It can be set so that by default Eudora replies
to all(both the list and the individual.)  If switched, option now
becomes "reply to only sender"(option toggles the default.)

>I am on a Macintosh list where for a very brief time the
>moderator/owner of the list changed it to the way it is here on this
>list for a short while, and there was a huge outcry throughout the

People get set in their ways, and complain when things get changed on
'em.  That does not make it the best way.

   Our configuration allow you to choose(provided you read the manual
for your email client) whether you want to reply to the list+the
sender, or just the sender.

   The other choice, whereby "from:" is changed to the list's address,
makes it a ROYAL pain in the ass to attempt to reply to the
individual in private, which is something users should be strongly
encouraged to do- not kept from doing.  It makes for frustrated users
and a very high noise-to-signal ratio, among other things.

(+8 years of running mailing lists and listservers)
"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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