clutch job on 5K

Greg Smith snufy58 at
Sat Dec 14 21:58:38 EST 2002

Jim wrote:
 >I would and did do the input shaft or "pilot"
>bearing in the crank. It's very cheap. I think I paid
>around $7. for a FAG or Fafnir. It MIGHT be O.K., but
>if it fails, you'll kick yourself in the A$$. Some
>listers reported it being a PITA to remove. I did one
>with the packed grease method and it came out real
>easy. On my 89 200q, all that got me was a facefull
>of grease. 20 times. I got the hammer puller with the
>pilot attachment from Harbor Freight (Autozone also
>has these to use for free with a deposit) and it came
>right out on the first smack. I did both seals as I
>was on a mission to replace every rubber part and
>seal on my drivetrain. Jim Accordino

Fellow Audinauts,
Brother Jim is quite correct here but be sure to beat
this into thouest head:


Ask me how.... or better yet don't... will bring tears to your eyes. I boogered my new
one during installation and my tale of woe is not a
pleasant one.

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