Buzzing Fuel Pump? 88 90q

Dave K. desmo888 at
Sun Dec 15 17:18:02 EST 2002

My highly trusted local Audi mechanic said a new pump may buzz as well.  If
you have 243k on the car with no record of a pump change it may be time
anyway but do not do it just for the noise.
If you have knock sensors they are likely the culprit.  At least on 20 valve
NA engines they go out a lot and will cause intermiitent massive power loss.

Dave K.
'90 CQ

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> Hi all,
> From inside the cockpit of my car, I can hear a buzz emanating from
> under/behind the driver's side back seat.  I am pretty sure it is not the
> ABS control box, especially since ABS works fine.  Now that the car has
> 243,000 miles, it is starting to pickup a few minor problems, mostly
> electrical.  The fuel pump on these cars is external and I believe it is
> buzzing culprit.  Is it worth replacing the pump with a used one?  Could a
> lack of fuel pressure be a cause of maximum timing retardation?  Basically
> am hoping that replacing him would stop my intermittent hesitation
> Anyone else know of any other electrical gizmos back there that would be
> making suck a bad electric buzz?
> Mike Robinson
> 88 90q 243,000mi
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