replacing analog with digital gauges?

Huw Powell human747 at
Sun Dec 15 19:54:16 EST 2002

random comments and questions dispersed throughout:

> Whether to replace an analog dash with a digital one is an interesting
> question.  But considering older Audi's notoriously finicky electronic
> components, why would you want to?

Because it is really cool?

> My CGT's digital dash back-lighting winks on and off like holiday lighting.
> Currently, I have no speedo and odometer.  Last week, I had no clock.  It is
> readable, but only when light hits it at just the right angle.  Out of
> necessity, I have gotten quite good at determining my speed by watching the
> tach.  ;-)

This is why I will be extensively testing my digi cluster before
committing to using it.

> > I picked up a digital gauge panel to replace my analog ones in my '86
> > Coupe GT since the voltmeter gauge fell through into the console!
> > (broken glass no longer holding it on or something)
> >
> > Can I actually replace the whole 3-gauge panel with the digital one?
> > The connector is different apparently - any how-to's on this job?

It should be do-able, although you will lose one of the gauges, right?
The digi panel only has volts and one of the oil gauges (pressure or

Look at the wire colors to see if you have every wire going to the digi
panel accounted for, and if you do, double check with the Bentley to
make sure they are what you think they are, then do some nifty splice
work to install the digi connector to the wires in your car.  Carefully
cut and tape up any wires you are no longer using.

> > If it
> > works, I'd also consider doing the same swap for the speedo/etc. panel
> > if that's also something that would work.  FINDING the digital dash
> > might be an expensive proposition, but it's fun to contemplate.  Thanks!

Get it with the connector, you'll also need an electronic tranny speedo
sender.  Install basically as instructed above... only a lot more to cut
and splice, more chances of things being different, and you'll need to
add the wire(s) from the tranny.  There is also a goofy light sensor, I
think, to make sure it is illuminated properly under certain daytime

> No
> problems since, but I got the check engine light misplaced into the
> upshift indicator socket, so have to get back in there again wunna'
> these days.

hehe, a while back I had the OXS counter output hooked up to the ejector
seat light on my 82 coupe.  Took me a week to realize what it meant!

> Not so much at first, but I kinda' like the thing now actually.
> It certainly is unique.  --Gary

And that is the big question, or the two big questions... is it really a
neat-o feature (remembering that the Audi analog gauges are pretty cool
anyway), and is it fairly easy to get used to and live with?

I'd really like some feedback on this topic...


Huw Powell

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