Airbag trouble shooting ( making the light go away)

RYAN ALAN HOITINK rahoitink at
Sun Dec 15 21:12:38 EST 2002

Diagnosis depends upon the car and system, but I
once had and airbag problem that was solved by a
clock spring replacement.  This occured immediately
after I had the airbag recall done, and the
dealership assumed liability and fixed it.  From
what I've seen, this part is the one that fails
often when the airbag light is on.  You can check
the archives for "clock spring" or "spiral spring".


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Date: Sunday, December 15, 2002 7:04 pm
Subject: Airbag trouble shooting ( making the light
go away)

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> I haven't seen much discussion about airbags, I
suppose this is
> liability territory. I would hate to think that we
are all at the
> mercy of the dealers on these things.I was
wondering if anyone
> knows of testing procedures for the do-it yourselfers.
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