replacing analog with digital gauges?

Tony Lum tlum at
Sun Dec 15 20:54:21 EST 2002


Here's a few notes on what I've run into with Audi's DigiDashes.

1.  The desirable display is the orange one.  The trip computer uses only
the speedometer and fuel level to compute range and MPG.  The red one, used
on all pre 87.5 CGTs uses signals from the CIS-E fuel injection computer
(enrichment and airflow pot) to calculate mileage and will read wrong in
other installations.  That's why the orange display could be used in latter
ur-quattros.  AFAIK, the original DigiDashes  (where the odometer is driven
by a stepper motor)  were used in Europe and are not available in the US.

2. The fuel and temp levels are scaled to use the same sensors, so will
work straight across.  Interestingly, the dual LED display used in the 87.5
coupe GT also uses the same sensors as the analog equivalents.

3. The OXS light is run by a fixed counter and can't be reset once it hits
30000 miles.  Standard procedure is to remove the bulb permanently.

4.  If you need a connector for the DigiDash, use one off the 5000 auto
check computer.  Its the same one.

5. The dimmer for the instrument panel is a dual unit and is also a
function switch (push button) for blanking various sections of the display.

6.  Replacement for the 3 halogen bulbs are 5W units and are available at
the local auto parts store as a Sylvania bulb.  Not cheap at $8 per, but
mucho cheaper than the dealer.


Tony Lum

87.5 coupe GT
83 ur-quattro

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