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You are correct, and in my haste missed that the engines being discussed
were the NG in 87.5 GT Coupe and 5000 Turbo.

I had just encountered the two pin sensor on an '84 4kq with CIS-E.  The
two pin sensor on the top of the neck provided a) sensor current to the
temp guage b) overheat switch current to temp warning light.  The 2 pin FI
sender is on the bottom of the cooling neck, and acts as neg. coefficiant
resistance based on warmup temp  for ECU.  If I recall correctly it is the
same on both my '85 4kq's, and the '86 GT Coupe with digital dash.  I
double checked on the coupe, and that also had the  combo temp guage/switch
on top of the neck and FI sender on the bottom.

It always amazes me on the variations on the theme, even when the same
engine is used - same engine are in the '86 GT coupe, '85 4kq's and '4 4kq,
with a few minor differences between them, but the  cooling neck
sensor/sendors ar the same.

Yes,  the 5000 Turbo is different, and so I understand NG/NF also uses
similar/same MF sensor.  That sensor does provide temp guage current as
well as ECU warmup control.

On Friday, December 13, 2002 9:00 PM, Huw Powell [SMTP:human747 at]
> > > Ben, is the "FI thermo sender" the same as "multi-function sensor"
> > > we discuss here often (runs the guage among other things)?
> > >
> > They perform the same function on two different cars:
> >
> > on 5000 turbo it is called MF temp. sender (among other things).
> >
> > on 4000 CIS-E it is called he FI temp sender, at least that is what
> > Rod at thepartsconnection called it.
> >
> > They are entirely different, but perform the same function for the two
> > different FI systems.
> Ben, I think I have to respectfully beg to differ here.  The MFS is the
> temp gauge sender and also provides some info to the AC system.  There
> is also a two pin double ntc switch on top of the coolant neck that is
> for the CIS system.
Yes this is true for the 5000 turbo.  I must have missed that the original
post was referring to the NG/NF setup..Sorry for the confusion.

> > > So, 'splain me better what sender you mean.  Would my NG (CIS3) CGT
> > > have the same thing --IT does have periodic problems (but the guage
> > > in the digidash works fine on that one.  --Gary
> >
> > CGT has a separate sender for the temp guage - that is located on top
> > the neck, and the FI sender is on the bottom.  Unless the one with the
> > digi-dash is different than the normal dash guages, but I don't think
> The NG/87.5 coupes I have seen are set up like the 90, ie MFS
> underneath, CIS sender on top.
I am not yet aware of the details for the NG setup, and I guess I better
familiarize myself with this for when I finally get around to installing
 the NG in the '85 4kq.  Again, sorry for missing the NG(CIS-E3) stuff - I
need to slow down a bit especially when in a rush to get out any last
replies before I go "offline" on weekends.

It is good we have other familiar listers to keep us straight.


> --
> Huw Powell

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