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Ben Swann bswann at
Mon Dec 16 11:42:30 EST 2002

[> Has anyone watched the VHS tape Porsche sent out on the new Cayenne?
I received it but  I don't even have my VCR hooked up anymore.
I can't beleive they would sent it out on tape.
Does anyone on this list not have a dvd player?]


It's difficult staying state of the art, when that state changes every
couple of years.  At least the price has come down to what you used to pay
for a VCR.

My 300 Mhz Pentium II is also outdated, but it does the job.  So did my
66Mhz DX266 until the hard drive crashed.

Now, if you want to, please feel free to take the argument up with my
wife;-]  I just lost that argument with her yeseterday trying to convince
her that the 2Ghz fully loaded Intel P4 PC with DVD/CD R/W for $400  is a
pretty good deal.  Looks like I don't need any more toys.  Tools=Toys BTW.
 Just can't win.

p.s.  Oh, forget a Porche Cayenne!  I doubt I'd hear the end of it even if
I got a Porche over 20 years old.  I could perhaps slip a Porche motor into
one of the Audis and maybe get away with it.  I don't know if I'd want a
Cayenne anyway even if I could afford one, but the VW Taureg sounds pretty
nice for the $$$ - I'll take the one with 5.0l V10 TD.

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