Control Pressure Regulator testing

Michael Benno mbenno at
Mon Dec 16 09:08:25 EST 2002

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So over the weekend I pulled apart my Control Pressure Regulator (Warm Up R=
egulator) and made it adjustable (very easy actually).

I noticed that based on the build date that it was not original. Probably f=
rom a 5000t. I also noticed that the heating element was rated at 16ohms. I=
 noticed this was lower than the element form a Regulator of a 81 Sirroco w=
hich was 18ohms (which also matches all the test criteria I have seen).

Can anyone verify that the resistance rating from their original Urq regula=
tor is 16 or 18 ohms?

General observations about the inside of the regulator, it was very crusty =
like water was getting in via the air vent. My recommendation is to us a lo=
ng piece of vacuum hose instead of the breather cap to prevent water from g=
etting in.


Mike Benno

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