PIC link: Header Sealing Washer Suggestions?

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Mon Dec 16 19:45:16 EST 2002

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Thanks for the pic.

I think all of this was created by an incorrect part, if the washer on your
picture is the correct one (I bet that it is). As you can see in my picture,
they aren't even close to be flat.

I rather be safe than sorry. I'm on the very end of the engine prep, and after
hours/days of work, I guess I became too sensitive.

Honestly, your answer is what I was hoping for.



>From: Huw Powell
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>Subject: Re: PIC link: Header Sealing Washer Suggestions?
>Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 14:21:37 -0500
> > >OK, here is the picture. Depending on the type of monitor (good or bad)
> > >can see the gap pointed by the arrow. It happens in almost all the
> > I uploaded at: http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/2004/em.jpg
> > >Also, I used 2 different torque wrenches to confirm the 22 ft/lbs.
> > >
> > >If the washer doesn't have any sealing function, then I might be OK(but
> > >does it have the rubber/coil stuff?).
>mostly as previously stated by others prior to picture...
>1. the washer under the exhaust stud nut has no sealing function, the
>seal is created between the manifold (header) and the head by the
>exhaust gaskets.
>2. there should not be any rubber in those washers, it simply going to
>burn in about 5 minutes of use.
>Here are some pictures of a stock 4kq manifold being bolted to a head:
>you should be able to see the stock flat (as I recall) metal washers
>under the factory nuts. I can't remember whether it is the nut, the
>washer, or simply the appropriate torque that has a locking function to
>keep them in place, but I bet Javad can remember in his sleep...
>Huw Powell

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