Buzzing Fuel Pump? 88 90q

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Mon Dec 16 14:57:24 EST 2002

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Anything that increases output pressure can increase the "buzz" --you
should check the filters!  OTOH, I've had some making that noise for
the past five or ten years...I have had just ONE pump spit up it's
black guts in all that time.  I HAVE done a couple of swaps to find
a quieter pump from my pile of spares.
Just my $0.02....  --Gary

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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 01:03:33 -0800
From: "Tigran Varosyan" <tigran at>
To: "'Mike Robinson'" <quattrofan at>,
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Subject: RE: Buzzing Fuel Pump? 88 90q

#1 our pumps buzz. If this is new, continue, otherwise dont worry.
#2 with the miles on the car it may be just wear and tear on the pump.
#3 you may have a clogged fuel line component. My pump got VERY loud before
it burned up. The cause was a fuel pressure regulator which was not letting
enough fuel back into the gas tank.


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