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Mon Dec 16 12:13:55 EST 2002

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> i am having great difficulty finding oil line
> adapters for my new oil cooler...
> i need the audi 18m female to a 3/8" barb. im
> starting to think there has never been such a piece
> made.
> who should i call? i need it FAST. i need to move my
> car in 15 days and have no oil lines :)
> if i can only get it in 4 pieces that would be okay
> too...
> who should i try?


Use the last one listed, the FCM2245.  That will get
you to a -10 size, then you can do anything you want
from there.

I used these fittings, they are a little easier to
work with, and a little cheeper than the regular hose
ends, and are good to 250 psi, way over what our oil
sysem see's.


Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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