Looking for weird metric/NPT to AN/JIC fitting...

Gerard gerard at poboxes.com
Mon Dec 16 22:21:04 EST 2002


Anyone know where I can get a steel (or aluminium, but preferably steel)
hose fitting that has a -12AN (or JIC equivalent) male one the one end
and a metric or NPT fitting about 24mm wide on the other end?

The ones I have found with -12AN only have a 3/4" NPT on the other end.

I'm still messing with that turbo oil return line so took some
measurements today. The hole on the flange is about 22-24mm and I
figured the hose is a -12AN. The guys who built the hose made a mess of
it, so I'm going to cut off the pipes and put a hose in.

And, yes, I don't like doing things the easy way. :)


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