transverse/camber link - Control Arm for 89' 200q wagon

ben swann benswann at
Mon Dec 16 15:15:23 EST 2002


It is called the Transverse Link or Camber link.  They are available
from thepartsconection and/or force 5 for reasonable $.

You can not separate the ends by conventional means without damage, and
it is not available that way AFAIK.  Just get the assembly - you'll be
glad you did.  If one side is going, the other will be sure to follow,
so do both.

Oh, I recall you need to torque the hole end when car is on the ground
to prevent premature failure.



Does anybody know if you can get just the tie rod end circled in the
link below:

or even the bushing that goes in the tie rod end if it exists.  If they
are available apart from the whole arm, where at and for how much?
I've looked around the archives with little success, probably due to my
sketchy understanding of all of the part terminology.



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