Addition to 4kq eng perf. conditions

ben swann benswann at
Mon Dec 16 15:26:33 EST 2002

For those of you who read my earlier posting today.  I just unplugged
my 02sensor and no hestiation with the engine warm!!   The exhaust
smell very very very rich though now.  Even if the O2 sensor is re
connected and new i think the air fuel mixture is too far out for the
sensor to adjust the range.

- and -

What is the "oft-implicated thermo sensor" and where is it located?


Yes - the implicated FI thermo-sensor is the bottom sensor on the
cooling neck, and tops my list of suspect and faulty components lately.

Rod at thepartsconnection will surely give you a price less than the value
of ones time to check.  But if you wan't - I got a reading of around
4500 ohm at 38 deg. and the baseline is 2500 ohm at 68 deg. F.  with
resistance lowering to around 650 ohm as car reaches hot operating temp.

One I checked the other day did not seem far off from the new, but was
kaput.  These things seem to go bad when it gets cold, but I think it
is just the conditions make it seem that way, and was already bad, but
don't give as much problem when it is warmer.

Replace it and set your mixture back where it was.


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