90q instrument illumination- Please Help!

Dave Hord spokes at the-wire.com
Mon Dec 16 15:52:51 EST 2002


It's been a while since I've had a normal dash in my 90q...and had everything
where it was supposed to be.  But I think I remember quite clearly where the
booster is.

Attached to the wiring harness of the three auxilary gauges is the booster. As
I recal, the booster (looks like a relay) sits in a little clip that's mounted
to the inside of your center console.  You will have to take the center console
to get to it.

Actually, now that I think of it...it's either there, or behind the dash.
There is a little black box mounted to your dash right above where your glove
is.  As I recall, it's pretty much behind the 'quattro' script on the dash.  I
believe you only need to remove your glove box to get to it...but as my whole
dash comes out in 5min...I can't tell you if you can reach it with the dash
cover still on.

Oh shoot...guess I wasn't much help after-all.


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> I did take a look at some of the interior lighting schematic, and I was
> looking pretty closely at the "instrument panel light booster".  If that
> was
> fried, it looks like the cluster lighting would be out too, since on the
> schematic terminal 1 of the booster unit goes "to Console Guage Lights via
> K1".  My question- where is this module?  Maybe if I can find it I can look
> at the outputs.

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