yikes....... Swamp in my car HELP

Dave Hord spokes at the-wire.com
Mon Dec 16 16:00:39 EST 2002


Does the cable have a sheath to ride in? Or will silcone sealant gum up the
cable action?  Double check before sealing!

As for drying it out...I can tell you from experience that the ONLY way to
fully dry the car out is to remove the carpet and the insulation underneath.
The carpet will dry, but the insulation underneath will remain wet for a LONG
time.  When I stripped my car the carpets were dry, but the insulation was
wet...and it had been 4 months since the carpet had gotten wet.  The only way
to remove the carpet/insulation is to pull out the seats, center console, all
the lower trim and a bunch of hidden screws.

The good news:  my 89 90quattro has tar mats in all the right places...there
was no rust in my floor to be found, ANYWHERE! True, it's all galvanized
anyways...but the tar keeps water from even reaching the metal.

You might try storing your car inside a garage each night, with a heater in the
garage and a number of fans blowing on the carpet.

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> I parked my car in the driveway on Thursday last week, and did not drive it
> all weekend, It poured rain all weekend.  I got in it this morning and the
> carpet on the drivers side front and back is really wet, like squishy wet.
> I pulled some towels out of my garage and got out as much as I could, while
> my car warmed up a little bit.  I was able to trace the leak down to the
> hole for the hood release, the rubber gasket is ripped.  I was going to use
> some silicone sealant to fix the whole.  Does anyone have any other ideas?
> Also do you know what I can do to dry the car out faster?  I don't want to
> get mold or anything growing in there.
> Nate

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