Rear Control Arm for 89' 200q wagon

Eric_R_Kissell at Eric_R_Kissell at
Mon Dec 16 15:59:35 EST 2002

When I bought mine for the 1989 200q Avant about a year ago it was my
understanding that I had to purchase the entire thing or nothing.

Eric (not me) at:

VW Parts Inc
vwparts at

had the best price when I shopped around.  It was $92.50 according to my
I believe they are in NY and do both new and used parts for VW & Audi.

The rear link for an early 1986 like my 5000cstq is even tougher to find,
but the outer end is the same as the later one. I ended up buying an
entire link for a later car and unscrewing the outer from the new part and
screwing it to my old inner. I do not know what I will do if the inner
fails on that car.


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