Parking on an incline

james accordino ssgacc at
Mon Dec 16 14:11:06 EST 2002

What type of oil filter is on the car?  This may
matter much more than the incline.

Jim Accordino

--- Christopher Gharibo <cgharibo at> wrote:
> I have recently relocated to an area where I have to
> park '91 20V Coupe on a
> steep 35-40 degree incline. There is some valve
> clatter when I start the car
> up that persists longer than usual.
> Therefore, I was wondering, for those that know the
> anatomy of the engine, oil
> pan/pump, etc, as to whether if it is better to park
> the car with nose down or
> nose up to provide the best lubrication on start up.
> Or does it matter at all?
> Thanks,
> Chris

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